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Europe’s supercars are mainly Italian, German, and British… but another nation is in on the action. From the land that brought you Skoda, meet Czechia’s fastest export: the Praga Bohema. It’s not mucking about, is it?
The all-carbon fibre two-seater is not a road-going version of Praga’s R1R racing car. Oh no. The R1R makes do a with a willing Renault engine good for 365bhp. The Bohema doesn’t share components with the racer. And courtesy of a Nissan GT-R engine, it’s got 700bhp.
The engineers say they’re simply not interested in an irrelevant big top speed number, when all the fun is had getting the Bohema through the corners as quickly as physics allows. Over 900kg of downforce ought to help there. That insectile body is fully carbon fibre and obsessed with channelling air.
There’s no active aero though: an airbrake or adjustable flaps would need a heavy hydraulic system, which offends the sub-1000kg Praga’s weight-shedding ethos. There is, however, full air-con and a state of the art touchscreen inside. Sort of.
Breathe in, and join Top Gear magazine’s Ollie Kew in the Bohema’s teeny cockpit for an in-depth tour of what this newest pretender to the hypercar crown has to offer, in return for its £1.1million price tag.

0:00 - Intro
1:02 - Street Legal?
1:33 - Praga History
3:05 - Engine
4:17 - Performance Figures
4:51 - Aero + Lightweighting
6:10 - Usability + Storage
7:26 - Interior
9:45 - Steering Wheel + Tech
10:51 - The 'Touchscreen'
11:50 - Drive
12:22 - Price
13:16 - Outro

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