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The Most Sideways BMW M3 Ever: 900bhp, 9000rpm & 2JZ Engine Swap ft. James Deane | Top Gear

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What’s it like to drive a 900bhp drift car? Pretty full-on it’ll turn out, as three-time Formula D champion James Deane gives us a Dunsfold demo we won’t forget in a hurry and then – after a slight delay – lets Ollie Marriage, Top Gear Magazine's Head of Car Testing have a go in his bonkers 2JZ-engined BMW. How does it compare to a regular M3? What’s it like dealing with that much steering lock? Is it easier in the wet? Originally built up from a 320 diesel, Deane’s car has been radically modified to cope with tyre melting angles, drift battles and the searing heat of competition.

0:00 Drift Intro
0:54 G80 M3 Drift Analyser
1:42 How To Drift
2:32 James Deane's 2JZ M3
18:46 Warm-Up Lap
19:18 Visiting James Deane's Home Turf
20:49 Ollie Marriage's First Drive
25:31 Drive Debrief
31:51 Outro

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