BUYING A PUROSANGUE!? Let's Discuss the Rising Cost of Cars

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There's a huge buzz around the new Ferrari Purosangue, so let's hop in my GTC4Lusso for some thoughts about buying the new 'SUV' and the rising costs of new cars like this. For Ferrari to offer a new car with a V12 is quite a feat, but it certainly carries a high price tag to buy one.

My Fuel For Thought video series has been around for 6 years or so, sharing impressions and thoughts that I have from the supercar world, and often things you might not know or consider from the ownership experiences. When it comes to the Lusso, these have often been marmite cars, but the amount of love in the direction of the new Purosangue is really quite extraordinary.

We took a first look at the Ferrari Purosangue upon its launch, a 725hp 6.5l NA V12 powered FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) but there's more to dive into such as the size - which is actually more akin to an Audi A6 Allroad than it is your typical SUV as we know it from the likes of the Urus, Bentayga, Cullinan, DBX etc.

Any opportunity to take a drive in my GTC4Lusso is a good one, and therefore a perfect opportunity to run through more details about the Purosangue and my thoughts on buying the €390,000 + options model.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:14 Heading out in My GTC4Lusso
02:15 Ferrari Approach to New Cars
06:00 The Cost of Supercars
09:35 Current Demand
14:20 A V12 in Today's World
17:24 Will I Buy a Purosangue?
18:23 Daily Driver Ferrari
20:45 Tunnel Run
21:57 Wrap Up

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