New Porsche 911 GT3 RS LEAKED! 2023 992 Gen Supercar BREAKS COVER

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This is the new 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS! The first pictures of the Porsche's new supercar have broken cover and leaked across social media, so let's check out the crazy aero and technology that it incorporates, and what you can expect from the flagship NA 911 in the latest 992 generation.

With a series of images that have spread across social media and automotive blogs, we can have a first look at the car due for reveal in a few days time. The first thing that grabs attention is how they've brought radical racecar-like aero to the new road car, in particular with a gigantic swan-neck wing that incorporates DRS. The rest of the bodywork introduces new elements include the vanes on the roof, body cutaways, unusual vents on the bonnet and plenty more that explore now that we can see it without camo.

The 992 generation model of the GT3 RS has some big footsteps for follow and the new car is more about improvements to chassis and aero given the 4.0l NA flat-6 is reaching the top end of what's possible from it. Expect a slight increase from the 520hp of the 992 GT3, but not huge numbers, and perhaps a bump to the 9,000rpm redline as well.

Visually, the Weissach Package offers Magnesium wheels in contrast red, with the GT3 RS lettering on the sides as per tradition. The interior will no doubt offed a titanium roll cage, fixed carbon bucket seats, and we can see a new steering wheel with 4 easily accessible controls; for Driving Modes and presumably DRS amongst other new functionality.

While all will become clear in only a few days, it's exciting to see the new car show its face for the first time. The only problem; unless you're already 'on the list', you won't be getting one with Porsche's demand always significantly outstripping supply.

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