IT'S FIXED! The First Drive in My SLS AMG Black Series AFTER TOO LONG

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It's been away for far too long, but my SLS AMG Black Series is finally fixed and ready to be driven back home! We're heading to Avantagarde in style, with a magnificent new Rollls-Royce Ghost Black Badge, to bring my dream Shmeemobile back to @The Shmuseum.

When the new Ghost Black Badge was launched, I went to take a look at the changes Rolls-Royce have made but now it's time to experience them for myself; both driving and being chauffeured on the journey of a few hours. In familiar Black Badge fashion, the exterior elements are now finished in black chrome, with a 6.75l TT V12 beneath that's up from 571hp to 600hp, and torque from 850Nm to 900Nm. As a means of travel, can you beat it?! Thank you to Rolls-Royce for the opportunity to borrow their new Ghost Black Badge for a few days.

The big news however, is that we can finally bring my SLS AMG Black Series back home to my garage. It has been away with Avantgarde for the best part of 6 months while creating bespoke solutions to a few of the thermal issues, and waiting for all of the necessary parts (sensors and wiring). Not only that, but to finally dig in fully, and rebuild the top end of the engine to figure out if there's an obvious sign as to why it's always been a bit down - which is now back together and feeling fantastic.

It's a huge thanks to Steve and the team at Avantgarde for everything they have done with my SLS AMG Black Series. It's been a big project, and carries a hefty bill to go with it (into 5 figures), but absolutely necessary to keep this car in tip top shape, especially considering the rapidly increasing values at the moment. However, it's amazing to have it back, truly one of my favourites of all the Shmeemobiles.

Thanks for watching, Tim

P.S Apologies for the occasional audio glitches from my microphone on the day

00:00 Intro
01:17 The Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge
04:10 Leaving the Shmuseum
06:48 Chauffeur Driven
08:46 Arriving at Avantgrade
09:19 My SLS Black Series is Ready
12:30 Leaving Avantgarde's Workshop
13:29 First Drive in Ages
15:27 20,000 Miles!
19:51 Back at the Shmuseum
22:30 Final Look at the Ghost Black Badge
24:01 Wrap Up

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