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It’s Friday and that means we have a new guest, new discoveries, and a new episode of DEE MY GUEST. In today’s episode, my guest and I are discussing one of my favorite topics: feelings! I am visiting Rana el Kaliouby in Boston. Rana is a scientist, entrepreneur, and author – another multi-talented guest. She has taken it upon herself to humanize technology with artificial emotional intelligence – or what she calls “Emotion AI.” I like the sound of that! As an important AI thought leader, she is on a mission to humanize technology. With Affectiva, Rana and her team have created the world’s largest database of emotions. It will be deep and emotional and digital and romantic and ... alright, maybe not romantic, but just listen for yourself.


04:20 Bringing emotions into the virtual world 

05:15 Artificial emotional intelligence 

06:20 Affectiva: The largest emotion database 

08:15 The journey, passion, and motivation of Rana el Kaliouby

09:50 Emotion AI in the automotive industry 

12:45 Dee-ptalk 

14:15 Emotion AI in the health sector 

17:40 Dee-tails


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