Joshua Vides X BMW - The Capsule Collection

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Introducing Joshua Vides, the Los Angeles based designer famed for his use of drawing in accented black and white, is again collaborating with BMW on a new limited lifestyle collection, inspired by workwear, patterns, and durability.

The Los Angeles lowrider scene inspires the designs, with pinstriping, graphics and street art, as well as BMW brand DNA thrown in to create the work. This inspiration can be seen, for example, on a vest with hand-drawn pinstripes or on a long-sleeved shirt with graphic elements straight from the West Coast.

Styling classic West Coast graphics and street art mixed with BMW brand DNA to create unique patterns through pinstripes. The collection and his restored BMW 325i from 1987 painted by Joshua will be displayed for the first time at Complex Con in Los Angeles, and will be available on the BMW Lifestyle shop from 24/11/22.

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