Pro-gamer “Mercia" | International Women’s Day 2023 | “Be one of many”

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Pro-gamer Johanna Weiß, aka „Mercia“ is still an exception. As part of “Project Avarosa”, one of the few teams that enables female and non-binary players in e-sports, she’s shaking things up in the gaming community. Subscribe:

Hear her take on what it means to compete as a female on such a high level in e-sports. ​

Mercedes-Benz is proud to support “SK Gaming Avarosa" and the talented and diverse players on the team. Team member Johanna Weiß, aka „Mercia“ shares her story as part of the Mercedes-Benz campaign for International Women’s Day 2023. Our message: Don’t make history just because you’re the only woman. ​

It’s time for exceptional women to be in the company of other exceptional women – and have the world celebrate them for their talent, not just their gender.​

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