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900BHP NASCAR vs Your Ears | TG Tunnel Run Ft. THE STIG

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The Stig’s secret subterranean lair is the perfect place to make a lot of noise with a lot of noisy cars. Welcome to Top Gear Tunnel Run.

In the sixth episode of our series, our tame racing driver welcomes a full-fat, no-nonsense NASCAR racer.

This one is a Dodge Charger that raced in the Cup Series – that’s NASCAR’s top tier – and was driven by former champ Kurt Busch. With 900bhp from a 5.9-litre V8 in a car weighing about the same as a Ford Focus, it’s the real deal. Beware: its angry, bassy V8 vacuums the air from your lungs at full revs.

Join The Stig, and host Becky Evans, to not just hear a NASCAR race car, but literally feel it too…

Top Gear Tunnel Run is sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Car: Dodge Charger NASCAR
Engine: 5.9-litre naturally aspirated V8
Power: 900bhp
Price: £100,000
Top speed: 200mph+
Noise: 132.4dB

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00:00 Intro
01:16 Dodge Charger Walkaround
01:48 What is Nascar?
02:47 Nascar History
04:08 Tunnel Run
06:57 360 Sound

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