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The brand new AMG GT R PRO is going to be a future car in my garage! The very latest model from Mercedes-AMG dials up the track prowess of the AMG GT R even further with the new PRO version sitting as the flagship in the line-up. My current AMG GT R will make way in due course for the brand new model to arrive.

The AMG GT R PRO introduces new aero, new suspension and a new interior loaded with tech versus the previous models. With the same power output of 585PS from the 4.0l TT V8, the main changes come from much more aggressive aero and carbon fibre bodywork. Visually the front end has an elongated front splitter with strut mounts and flics at the edges, then you'll find aggressive louvres on the front arches before the carbon aero blades at the rear and a wing with a gurney flap and new mounts. The car is based on what has been learned from the GT3 and GT4 race cars and as such with a reworked suspension setup has been capable of achieving a 7:04.632 time on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Inside it now features the full digital dashboard with Supersport display, a larger infotainment screen with AMG TRACK PACE and other functionality, as well as the AMG Performance Wheel with touch controls, and the touch screen central console found in the AMG GT 4-door models. Combining these characteristics with an even more focused driving experience sounds like a mega machine to me!

Of course at this stage, allocations have not been officially made but I am very hopeful an AMG GT R PRO will be arriving in the garage during the later parts of 2019, having registered my interest as long ago as September 2017, and using my GT R to the max over the last 12 months!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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