The Novitec N-LARGO 720S is the CRAZIEST McLaren on the Planet!

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Novitec have taken their N-Largo program to the 720S to create possibly the craziest McLaren ever! The N-Largo 720S features a widebody package with a fireball popping exhaust and over 800hp from the twin turbo V8. Let's take a first ever look, walkaround, and go for a ride in their latest creation.

The N-Largo models that Novitec produce follow a very distinct style; wide and crazy in every possible way. In this case the 720S sits 35mm lower while being 130mm wider at the rear and 60mm wider at the front. Not only that but the new bodywork carries the wildest of designs possible, with some cues inspired form the McLaren Ultimate Series cars. Also fitted is a visible carbon wing, an exhaust systems that literally spits fire on startup in the race mode, and the N-Tronic box to raise the power.

The 4.0l twin turbo V8 as standard makes 720PS and 770Nm, and in this case now makes 806PS and 878Nm! Those gains mean a 0-200km/h time of just 7.5 seconds - this is hypercar territory!

Join me then for a first look at the latest model, limited to just 15 units, before we hear the sounds of the new exhaust system and take it out to experience on the road.

Thanks for watching, Tim



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