FLAT OUT in the £750k Aston Martin V12 Speedster!

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Who needs a roof anyway!? The Aston Martin V12 Speedster is one of just 88 to be made, finished here in the Heritage DBR1 livery, and I'm joining Marek Reichman for a run up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to see what it's like! Even if it's raining...

The V12 Speedster is Aston Martin's totally open bar  chetta, 2 seat sports car, with a 5.2l TT V12 up front making 700hp and 753Nm while offering a very exciting open driving experience. With Aston Martin putting together an incredible lineup that also features the Valkyrie on a dynamic debut, the V12 Speedster is also on show while only a handful of allocations are still available for sale.

With the UK being the UK, typically the weather is not on side but thankfully it backs off slightly for our run - although it's not a problem for the car at all with the appropriate materials and drainage. Nonetheless, the V12 Speedster is a very special car, loaded with many intricate and lovely details, not just in the form of the great V12 exhaust note!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:44 Walkaround
02:41 Hillclimb
05:24 Top Paddock
08:17 Interior
10:12 Return Run
12:34 Wrap Up

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