5 Things I Love About My SLS AMG Black Series!

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My SLS AMG Black Series already has over 10,000km extra on the clock, and here are 5 things I love about it! During a journey in Italy that features one of the greatest tunnels in the world, let me show you through my favourite features of the Shmeemobile.

I've owned the car now for about half a year, the first two months of which were spent transforming it into my spec. Prior to the purchase, I'd already been lucky to drive the SLS Black Series on a few occasions and came into it well aware of how much I would love using it pken4ifully.

However, now that I've really got to know it, as has been traditional with the Shmeemobiles, here are 4 things that really stand out to me about it. First is the cold start, the aggressive bark and snap as it kicks into life, even more so when it's in a small gatage by the sea in Italy. The second is the driving dynamics and the feel when heading up the hills on beautiful roads meandering on our way towards Milan. For number three, it has to be the iconic Gullwing doors derived from the classic 300 SL, both for their visual appearance and drama as well as the fun of maneuvering the car doors up! The fourth is the unbelievable sound and snap of the downshifts, especially in the insane tunnel out of Moneglia along the coast. For the final thing, it's the overall sporty GT driving experience and how the car combines a level of comfort with amazing sound and drive making it an ultimate Shmeemobile for my usage.

The mileage will continue to climb, the SLS BS is certainly a keeper in the garage, and every mile brings a smile! What are your favourite things about it? Did I miss something?

Thanks for watching, Tim



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