The New AMG E63 S Wagon Could be the BEST Daily Driver!

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For the ultimate in daily drivers, the new and improved AMG E63 S Wagon could be one of the best! With a new look in line with the rest of the AMG family, the latest generation brings the 612hp V8 and Drift Mode to the table, along with the new steering wheel and MBUX system. Join me for a tour around the E63 S T-Modell to explore it in detail!

The AMG E63 S first launched as the saloon/sedan model a few years ago and instantly impressed with its hugely capable 4.0l Biturbo V8 and 4matic+ system with a very clever Drift Mode plus exceptional performance. Naturally the model range expanded but it was always the final product line to launch ahead of the flagship AMG GT R that brought with it the introduction of the signature AMG Panamericana front grille.

However, finally down the line the model receives the updated treatment, but crucially that is not all. In addition to the new grille, front apron and headlights, it also has an improved suspension setup offering a wider range of ride quality, particularly focused on increasing the comfort end of the spectrum while still being dynamic in Sports Plus and Race modes. The inside also receives the very best available with the full natural language MBUX and touch screen interface, along with the brand new steering wheel controls.

There's a lot to explore in the new model, so let's go through all of the details and highlights in a walkaround tour at the home base of AMG in Affalterbach.

Thanks for watching, Tim



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