Protecting My SLS AMG Black Series! The World's Best PPF at Topaz

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It's fast progress at Topaz to get my SLS AMG Black Series ready for the road! Under the lights, the newest Shmeemobile is looking fantastic with nearly all of the bodywork now covered in Paint Protection Film. Given it's a slightly older car, there are new parts of the process with templates and the design, so let's see how this works.

After the respray at Chartwell to Mystic Blue, I haven't dared drive the car on the road through fear of a chip to the relatively soft paint until the PPF is installed. As such it was brought over by Turbo Transport for this process to begin with a run through the wash bay and then the commencement of fitting the film.

As the SLS Black Series launched back in 2013, in the 7 years since there have been many developments in both the PPF material itself but also the processes including templates through which it is installed. Topaz always strive for the best possible and in this case that means minor adjustments to ensure both the protection of edges but also the perfect fit and finish. Having recently completed another of the same car, the majority of these parts have already been worked on so it's a fairly swift pace getting through mine.

In addition to all the new Mystic Blue parts being protected, all of the exposed carbon fibre receives the same, including the door mirrors and even the side sills to prevent scratches when climbing in. Let's take a look at how the processes work before the next update will bring us back to get the badges, plates and interior completed before taking it for a drive!

You can also find out more about Topaz with the following links:

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