SUPERCAR MADNESS with the New Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder!

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It's supercar madness with my first drive in the new Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder! Out in Florida, USA with the roof down in the open-top Lambo, we're on the way to Supercar Saturday to check out all the crazy cars in attendance!

Kicking off at Lamborghini Broward in Miami, the brand new Huracan EVO RWD has just arrived that we can check out as well as one of the limited Aventador SVJ 63 Coupes. Then of course the Huracan EVO Spyder awaits; the convertible version of the facelifted Huracan.

Power comes from a 640hp 5.2l V10, the engine derived from the Performante, and heads to all 4 wheels via the 7spd dual clutch. As you'd expect performance is abundant, but today's outing takes us over to Lamborghini Broward's Supercar Saturday.

In attendance at the event are no shortage of Lamborghinis and McLarens, including the Bugatti Broward Chiron that I filmed last summer, as well the 1K Motorsports team with some unbelievably fast 720S'. Standing out from the crowd also are a Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT and later the arrival of a Ferrari F40. With cars all around, huge numbers of people, it is quite literally supercar madness!

A huge thanks to Josh and the team at Lamborghini Broward:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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