Miami's Brand New IKONICK Supercar Collection!

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Welcome to IKONICK The Collection! In the most incredible style, this private garage houses the car collection of Barry Skolnick, featuring 100 cars from the brand new Apollo IE and Senna GTR to a trio of the 3 Porsche supercars in Gulf liveries - 918 Spyder, Carrera GT and 959.

Join me for a walkaround tour of the gallery featuring the cars and artworks, with over 100 cars spread through 4 rooms including the hypercar display, Ferrari and Porsche rooms and the classics and resto-mods as well. There's a lot to see with many of the greatest modern hypercars; the likes of the LaFerrari, Enzo, P1, Senna, Senna GTR, MC12, 918 Spyder and so much more. In fact there are 4 Weissach package 918s, 3 959s, 2 P1s, 2 carbon Sennas and so much to discover as we travel around. Some rare highlights including the MC12 Corsa coversion, the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and the Ford GTX1.

Be sure to check out IKONICK on Instagram to follow the collection:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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