A Day in the Life Managing a Supercar Collection!

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The cars in the garage don't look after themselves! It's time for the annual services of both the Senna and GT8 - which means a convoy out with the G63 as well to drop them off, 'a day in the life' looking after a car collection.

My McLaren Senna is now 12 months old and while it could have been serviced slightly early it made more sense to keep it on the 12 month cycle hence having its first annual service now. The Aston Martin Vantage GT8 however is now 3 years old and as such has an MOT, third year service, plus extension to the warranty to be completed.

Driving both cars out with Tony from @turbotransport taking the Vantage GT8 while I drive the Senna, we're also taking the G63 with my friend Tom at the wheel to come back into town afterwards. Conveniently the McLaren and Aston Martin dealerships sit side by side making the service appointment very easy to handle.

Conveniently our route takes us via an epic tunnel to enjoy the G63 and GT8, but with greasy roads it is not best placed for the drive in the Senna - however, that won't stop us. Having these 3 in convoy together has me super excited for the plans ahead and the places we are going to be going; I have some very big trips in the works!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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