NEW Ferrari F8 Tributo Chasing TWO LaFerraris! My First Drive

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My first drive in the brand new Ferrari F8 Tributo, and it's chasing two LaFerraris! Joining the parade from the new Al Tayer Motors Ferrari showroom in Dubai, the drive with the Ferrari Owners Club UAE takes us towards the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. Let's see what the car is all about in some great company.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo literally pays tribute to the engine found within - the 3.9l TT V8 that makes 720hp and 770nm. While it replaces the 488 GTB/Spider, the F8 Tributo is alongside the 488 Pista while making the same power, so let's find out what gives and how this lines up.

To do so, it's a gathering at the new showroom with over 50 Ferraris in attendance for the convoy on the roads to Yas Marina, being lead by both the LaFerrari Aperta and LaFerrari Coupe. With lots of action along the way, upon arrival we all pull up at Casa Ferrari for the day.

A huge thanks to Ferrari, the Ferrari Owners Club UAE and Al Tayer Ferrari Dubai for an amazing day out!

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Thanks for watching, Tim



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