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There aren't many greater car collections than that of Ken Lingenfelter! The three halls of the private garage feature everything from an entire history of Corvettes alongside unique, rare and record breaking American muscle cars, through to exotics like the LaFerrari and Lamborghini Reventon.

Joined by Ken himself, and Josh who hosts the collection's pages, let's take a tour around to pick out some of the highlights and discover parts of the 250 strong car collection. The variety is pretty endless, from the Lingenfelter Performance models like the ZL1 1LE and the 19,000 mile daily driven ZR1 by Ken, right the way through to an immense look back at the different generations of the Corvette. The collection features concepts, rebodied cars, heavily modified examples, record holding drag cars and everything you can imagine. Outside of the Corvette museum itself, this collection is the best selection of the sports cars from Chevrolet that you will find anywhere in the world.

To pick out some examples, we have the 1 of 20 Lamborghini Reventon Coupe, then 'Jazz' the Pontiac Solstice from the Transformers movie, before some one-off Callaway models and a record holding COPO Camaro. It's impossible to take it all in due to the sheer quantity of cars, each of which carries a stories and reason for being in the collection.

A big thanks goes to Ken and Josh for their hospitality and the possibility to visit this stunning set of garages that are normally closed to the public. If you'd like to see and find out more about the cars within, please do follow them at:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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