Alex Choi Reveals the Tesla Model 3 GADGET OVERLOAD!

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The Tesla Model 3 is overloaded with gadgets, tech and toys, so there's a lot to run through with Alex Choi and his Model 3 Performance Dual Motor! From the Sentry system, Dog Mode and driving in Autopilot, to the games installed and the controls from the App, let's check it all out.

This is my first experience of the Tesla Model 3, having driven the Model S and Model X P100d variants before, but that means discovering it all from the start. We'll run through all the software and functions that are present before heading out for a drive to see whether Autopilot stacks up too.

Thanks to Alex, you can follow him on his channel and Instagram here:

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This is Alex's referral code to get 5,000 miles of free supercharging:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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