HOLY FXX K EVO! The Craziest Ride of My Life

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Holy FXX K this car is crazy! Few words are really required to describe the experience in the Ferrari FXX K Evo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb. My friend @93_cf invited me for a ride onboard his incredible hyper-racecar to see what it's all about!

The Ferrari FXX K Evo is the evolution model of the LaFerrari based track hypercar, powered by the 6.3l V12 with 850hp and a 200hp electric KERS system for a total of an insane 1,050hp! For the Evo it also increases downforce by 23% thanks to a larger rear wing with central spine and new vortex tunnels underneath.

As part of an incredible line-up from Ferrari, the FXX K is easily the loudest and we can enjoy the V12 in all its glory along with trying to give you a sense of the extraordinary power that it has available. During the ride let me show you the car, we'll discuss the different driving modes and how they operate, as well as a proper launch off the line in style!

I can't say thanks enough to @93_cf for the opportunity, what a crazy ride to never forget!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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