The First CRAZY Gumball 3000 Cars Arrive in Mykonos!

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It's the Gumball 3000 time of year! The 2019 rally is about to get started taking the supercars from Mykonos to Ibiza. Ahead of the action getting underway, the first cars have started gathering on the Greek Island of Mykonos and that means catching the likes of the Aston Martin Vulcan, Koenigsegg Agera RS and Bugatti Veyron as they arrive to get the mood well and truly underway.

While it's ahead of the official start, we're still expecting two further Bugattis to join; included a Chiron and another Veyron, as well as a Pagani Huayra, amongst the sea of other amazing cars. However, join me for an opportunity to explore and see the cars that have so far made their way over to the island to have their stickers applied and complete registration ahead of the flag drop.

While sadly I'm not fully taking part in the entire rally this year myself after my 6 previous rallies, I will be hear covering the activity and action of the start legs and the arrival of the cars in Mykonos. What's your highlight of the cars that have touched down already?

Thanks for watching, Tim



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