The Lamborghini Sterrato is a Wild Super Off-Roader!

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There's no stopping the team at Lamborghini, now launching the Huracan Sterrato, a mad supercar for off-roading! Mixing the engine and features of the Huracan EVO with big arches, rally lights, a roof light bar and balloon tyres, the Sterrato is ready to attack the dirt roads and tracks.

Introduced as a one-off concept by the team from Centro Stile, sadly it's unlikely we'd see the Huracan Sterrato going into production but no doubt if the ideal appealed to enough customers there's a chance that the Lamborghini team could make it happen... Based around the platform of the Huracan EVO, it incorporates the 5.2l NA V10 with 640hp and 600nm with 4WD, 4 wheel steer, the 7spd dual clutch and LDVI technologies launched with the EVO. Visually the most notable features are the wide arches, making the car 30mm wider and also 47mm taller for off-roading with bigger angles of attack and departure, while wearing the rally lights on the bumper and a light bar up top as well.

Full marks to Lamborghini for being brave enough to try this kind of thing, let's see what happens in the future!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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