Here's Why I Bought a Suzuki JIMNY!

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The newest member of my garage is the Suzuki Jimny, but why did I decide to buy it? Join me for a walkaround look at the spec of my car and a drive-out to think a little more about the plans ahead and where it fits in the line-up.

A surprise choice for many, but a car I've actually been waiting a long time to arrive, the Suzuki Jimny is in the Kinetic Yellow launch colour and a full spec SZ5 manual. To kick things off let's take a walkaround and check out the little beast, with a 1.5l 4-cylinder making 102PS and 130mn. Inside it's actually fitted with some surprising gadgets and gizmos but of course is fairly back to basics - which I see as an opportunity to look into what we can do with it going forward. Should it get a new bodykit, what about engine upgrades, any other ideas?!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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