The McLaren Senna is the HARDEST Car for PPF!

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It's time for an update with the McLaren Senna and the progress with the installation of PPF at Topaz! I'm back in London from warmer adventures only to be greeted by snow, but nonetheless things are rapidly nearing completion before I can get the car out on the roads.

Heading over in my sensible car; the Heritage Focus RS with winter tyres and 4WD, the line-up at Topaz doesn't fail to impress as always! Heading inside to catch up with Nabil, we can fully run through what it's been like to work on such a complex car before it's time to have the final parts fitted onto the bodywork.

To complete the PPF process, the exterior will go through a full quality control check, then the interior will be fully prepared before application of Gtechniq ceramic coating to the PPF for ease of cleaning going forwards.

You can find out more about Topaz with the following links:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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