BMW Points and eDrive Zones. The first e-mobility reward program.

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With your BMW plug-in hybrid, you experience the comfortable way of e-mobility. And the best is, BMW offers you a reward for electric driving. Collect BMW Points for every kilometer driven electrically. The more you drive electrically, the more points you earn.
As a pioneer in innovation and sustainability, BMW leads the way and sets in car eDrive Zones based on green zones in city centers. The BMW plug-in hybrid recognizes these zones and automatically switches to electric mode upon entering. In eDrive Zones two BMW Points are collected for every driven kilometer. For your earned BMW Points you can redeem attractive incentives like free public charging.
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These services show the potential of plug-in hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions. The increase in the distance covered electrically not only helps optimise efficiency it also reduces operating costs for the customer. This applies particularly to city traffic where electric power consistently achieves a higher level of efficiency than a petrol or diesel engine.
The function BMW eDrive Zones will be launched in dedicated BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles until the end of 2020.

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