The BMW Concept 4.

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The BMW Concept 4: The magic of coupe driving at its most exciting.
BMW is unveiling a future-focused interpretation of the enduring BMW DNA.
To learn more about the BMW Concept 4, take a look here:

The BMW Concept 4 hovers close to the road. The distinctive kidney grille, remarkable air intakes and prominently sculpted surfaces provide an immediate advert for the car’s performance and its engaging character as a driver’s car.

The vertically oriented grille fits seamlessly into both the proportions of the front end and BMW’s illustrious past. Indeed, its form and design reference legendary classics such as the BMW 328 or the BMW 3.0 CSi and therefore shine the spotlight on the BMW brand’s long and successful history as a maker of fine coupes.

The BMW Concept 4 displays BMW signature proportions at their most modern form
yet. The stretched bonnet, long wheelbase, flowing roofline and short overhangs create a
modern, elegant and dynamic coupe outline and send energy coursing through the low-
slung body even while it’s standing still.

The rear of the BMW Concept 4 sits low over the road, as befits a sporty car. Picking up where the front end left off, generously sized and clear surfaces with only a small number of
lines are the dominant theme.

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