How-To activate and use BMW Plug & Charge

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Dive deep into the world of BMW's Plug & Charge feature in this tutorial. Understand the simplicity of activating Plug & Charge for your BMW Charging contract, one of up to five possible charging contracts. Say goodbye to charging cards or apps at public stations enabled for Plug & Charge. Once registered in your My BMW App, easily manage and rename your contracts within the car, ready for you and others to use.

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???? Key Moments:
0:00 - Introduction to Plug & Charge Features
0:13 - Activating Plug & Charge for BMW Charging Contract
0:51 - In-Car Management of Plug & Charge Contracts
1:16 - Plug, Charge & Drive!

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For detailed insights about your BMW's functionalities, refer to the BMW Driver's Guide app. The digital Owner's Handbook is accessible in numerous countries. Explore more at:

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