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THE X7 is the epitome of automotive majesty and presence. It combines the character and grandeur of its size with the agility and athleticism of its design. THE X7 offers maximum ride comfort, fascinating precision in the steering characteristics, powerful dynamics and authority on every terrain that a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) has to master. Not only the stately exterior, but also the spacious and luxurious interior are in tune with the inimitable feeling of freedom on the open road. The high-quality materials of THE X7 and its exclusive interior trim add that certain touch of elegance that is the mark of true greatness.

This video is symbolic for choosing to go your own path instead of being led by others. It begins with a panoramic shot of a train snaking through the wilderness. As the conductor walks through its corridors and announces that the final stop will be in thirty minutes, a group friends looks at each other and smiles. At a nod, the conductor leads them to the back of the carriage, where they push open a door and find a BMW X7 sitting in a glass case on the last carriage of the train. In the next scene, you see them on the road next to the train in the X7. Slowly, they begin to surpass it. At some point, the tracks and the road diverge ­– and the drivers of the X7 go their own way to continue their journey. If you want to know more about THE X7, take a look here:

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