Mercedes-Benz B-Class (2019): Justify Nothing | TV Commercial

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As young parents we often feel we need to defend ourselves: for needing a break, for wanting support, even for driving a car that makes sense – like the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class (2019). Learn all there is to know about “Justify nothing”:

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class puts the emphasis on sport with the Sports Tourer. It looks more dynamic than its predecessor and is more agile on the road while offering greater comfort. Its avant-garde interior makes for a unique feeling of space with the distinctive design of the instrument panel. One of the special features is a basic volume, which drops away towards the occupants and has cutouts in the area of the driver and front passenger. The intuitive user interface of the adaptive MBUX multimedia system is groundbreaking. Its strengths include brilliant graphics, “Hey Mercedes” voice control, a standard touch screen and functions such as MBUX Augmented Reality. When it comes to active safety, state-of-the-art driving assistance systems make the B-Class one of the segment leaders with functions carried over from the S-Class. In addition, the interior is now more spacious, while the engines are more efficient and cleaner.

#JustifyNothing. Drive B-Class.

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