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Emily Brooke spent six months analysing data to find out what the biggest issues for cyclists in the city are. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

Emily Brooke, who had never been on a bicycle before, decided to cycle the length of the UK for charity before her final year at Oxford.

She is convinced technology is key to develop new, intelligent, and interactive forms of mobility. Her product Laserlight, a front-facing white bike light which also projects a green laser light symbol of a bike down onto the road in front of the rider, helps to decrease blind spots and makes cyclists more visible in traffic.

Meeting different people from all over the world and from that many different fields is one of the highlights of Emily’s career so far and of incredible value to her. Sharing her thoughts with the other EQ Fellows not only inspired her, but it is also the basis to create new ideas for a more joyful, safe, and sustainable mobility in the cities.

Getting into dialogue with the other EQ Fellows revealed the vast expertise regarding mobility in the group. And further, it showed how important it is to learn from each other to create innovation. #switchtoEQ

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