Mercedes-Benz GLC: Look in the Mirror

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In this episode, the team around Niklas Straub portrays Berlin-based actress Lynn Hertzner and the Mercedes-Benz GLC on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

In search of a time-out, Lynn travels with her companion and the Mercedes-Benz GLC to the barren northern terrain to find her way back to herself.

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► Filmmakers:
Concept, Producer, and Director: Niklas Straub
Production: Lost Frames Productions

► Director of Photography: Lauritz Raisch

Talents: Lynn Hertzner, Marie Dülberg
Voice Over: Sarah MacGillivray
Producer: Marc Neumeister
Gaffer: Lucas Weber
Lighting Assistant: Jannik Dublasky
Production Assistant: Janina Grotz
Technician: Sven Uhlig
Driver: Hartmut Straub
Music & Sound Design: Liam Heinze

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Mercedes-Benz presents the MBvideocar series: a project where MBsocialcar videographers and filmmakers have the opportunity to carry out their own ideas. Mercedes-Benz supports the production of these episodes financially but also by providing vehicles. The artists get to determine the staging, the model and the location. The result are unique episodes that are being published frequently on the official social media channels of Mercedes-Benz like YouTube and Facebook. If you too have an idea for a video, please apply now at!

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