How the Mercedes-Benz ESF (2019) Makes Traffic Safer

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The ESF 2019 is safety on wheels. The research vehicle is packed full of surprising and innovative tech and features – coloured lights, projective panels and a robot. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

The car represents how much safer the future of mobility can be.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the world’s first airbag to the market. Its engineers have gone way beyond that with the ESF 2019, exploring new technology to protect passengers and others even more. Intuitive communication features strengthen what we call informed trust, using turquoise lights to signal that the vehicle is driving in automated mode.

Since 2002, thanks to PRE-SAFE® technology, Mercedes-Benz vehicles can react to dangerous situations before they come up. The ESF 2019 adds even more functions.

While the ESF 2019 is surely a complex work of engineering, it is designed to be intuitive in order to make pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers just as safe as its own passengers.

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