Agrilution: An Innovative Vertical Farming Start-up meets the V-Class

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Max Lössl and his team at agrilution have developed the Plantcube – a smart garden for fresh, homegrown greens. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

The concept allows even people without a green thumb to harvest their own fresh herbs full of nutrients and vitamins all year round. Inspired by vertical farming the team optimizes temperature, light and climate via sensors to fit the needs of the plants. The intense taste of the greens that agrilution can provide are even popular among gourmet restaurants.

Max Lössl visits his customer, the star chef Dominik Käppeler, in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class. In addition, he transports the equipment of the band “Mundhaarmonika”, in which employees of Agrilution play.

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